Open Pit Mining Training in Rockfall management

Did you know? ...

... if your Code of Practice (COP) is not applied correctly.
Learn how to avoid a RED FACE!

With the correct Open Pit Mining Training, you can avoid being closed down by a mining inspector. You might be in trouble! If you are uncertain about applying your mine's Code of Practice (COP) the correct way to stay out of trouble, you might genuinely face suspension. It is one thing to have a COP, but a totally different thing to apply it legally!


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So..., What is this
COP - Rockfall Management
training all about?

  • Geological hazards and all discontinuities mapped.
  • Regional geology - An overview of regional properties and expectations.
  • Local geology - all characteristics and strati-graphic column explanation.
  • Ore body mined and lithology reference explained.
  • Regional hydrology - surface water and ground water analysis and detail.
  • Ground Control Districts (GCD) - Location and extent and GCD plan.
  • Mine rockfall and slope instability incident analysis.
  • Terms and definitions in depth.
  • Risk Management and ongoing hazard identification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this COP Rockfall Management course a formal training program?

Who is COP Rockfall Management intended for?

What about credits?

How long will this training take?

How many employees can I register for Competent Person A training?

Where is this training conducted?

Is this training repeated every year?

Can the mine be financially refunded for this training being conducted?

What are the prerequisites for employees to be trained in COP Rockfall Management?

Can any training service provider do COP Rockfall Management training?

Do my employees receive certification after successful completion?

Are there any practical assessments?




There are other role-players (or so they call themselves) that claims to train mine employees very quickly and very cheaply. This is a "QUICKFIX" solution that never ends up to be "Cheap". Cutting corners would eventually cost you more money and more frustration. These so-called "QUICKFIX" schemes or service providers will scratch the surface with their unscrupulous training practices which will definitely result in mine closure.


So... what is the difference between a "QUICKFIX - FAST BUCK" trainer and a Legal MQA Accredited Training Service Provider?


Unscrupulous Training Service Provider

Not formally accredited

Sometimes only Facilitating

No 1-Stop solution

No registered programs

Copied training material

Little to no field experience

No career path assistance

No lagal backing

No add-on services

No MQA database access

Push-through training approach

No structure - relaxed approach

No training records kept

No benefit to employee

No benefit to mine

Watered down

No..., No..., NO!!


"Don't expect any training success if you build your hopes on a broken and non-supportive infrastructure!"

MQA Reg: 16/MQA/0343/AC4/280612

ISO Reg: ACS 0174/01

Fully accredited 1-Stop solution

Outcomes-based education

Accredited Facilitators

Accredited Assessors

Accredited Moderators

Registered ISO organization

Various registered programs

Site specific training material

Subject Matter Experts

Individually focused training

Onsite & offsite training

Career path planning

Legal backing & good standing

Updated training material & trends

Training material development

SETA refund assistance

Training records backup

MQA database access

Training-focused company

Social & community development


Fast, professional & efficient service.

The providers are extremely professional and efficient. All the arrangements for the training went very well and smoothly, Legal Rock responded to all of our queries within 48 hours of raising them and the training itself match and exceeded our expectations.

The training was facilitated in a very professional and efficient manner; the trainer had a large amount of subject knowledge and had no difficulty with answering the questions raised by the delegates. The trainer’s ability to present the material allowed for the delegates, to easily understand the content of the training.

The trainer demonstrated an understanding of the theory and practical side of the training material, which eliminated all confusion among delegates.

We thank you for the superb service and will be more than happy to use Legal Rock should the training need arise.

Nolwazi Dlamini
HR: Trollope Mining Services (Pty) LTD

The training was facilitated in a very professional and efficient manner; the trainer had a large amount of subject knowledge and had no difficulty with answering the questions raised by the delegates. The trainer’s ability to present the material allowed for the delegates, to easily understand the content of the training.

The underground geological conditions have change tremendously at Kangra Coal over the past two years and we required a focused intervention to improve the Strata Control knowledge of our employees. The positive impact of Strata training at Kangra Coal has been evident and our underground staff has benefited by it in the following ways:

Other aspects that have improved are our underground staff’s knowledge of geology. Because of this, knowledge of the strata around you, they have a better understanding of the causes of rock falls.

Our employees have benefited immensely from the “Sounding and Barring” training. A first defense in preventing any rock fall incident is “Sounding and Barring” and a huge emphasize is placed on it throughout the mining industry and we have therefor gained a lot from the training given in this regard.

Underground staff is trained in proper support practices and have a better understanding of the physics supporting to different support designs which indirectly contribute to the prevention of fall of ground incidents.

Kangra Coal Pty Ltd as an organization have also directly benefited from this training. We are dedicated to the safety of our staff members and this training has definitely contributed to the improvement of our accident rates.

Due to the success of the Strata training we have decided to re-train all our operators and supervisors on the improved Competent Person A and Competent Person B training commencing June/July 2012. We foresee that the impact of this training will be evident in the future of our mine and expect that this training will once again be of great value to our staff.

Jacques Breytenbach
GM: Kangra Coal

Legal Rock has provided our organization with an excellent service which is tailored to the needs of our organization. They have succeeded in creating training courses which are specific and relevant to the particular needs of our organization. Their trainers facilitate in a way which allows attendees to interact in their own language, while learning skills and knowledge which can be applied to their individual roles in the workplace. They deliver the training service in a style, and at a pace, that is suited to individuals and the group as a whole.

The admin staffs at Legal Rock are helpful, efficient and professional in all dealings with their clients.

Kusile Mining will definitely recommend Legal Rock to any company that necessitates training relevant to mining operations.

L. Bird
DIR: Kusile Mining

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